Ways to Make Money Online While Shortening URLs With Tweetbucks

You know you can even make money while tweeting your tweets on Twitter with Tweetbucks. You may need to shorten your links to best fit in your Tweets that you can do with Tweetbucks. Thus you will be able to make money with this website when you shorten a URL with their service which is available free of cost and also get some money on pay per click basis. Here is the exact process on need to follow to start making money with Tweetbucks: best url shortener


  1. Tweetbucks account: In order to start making money with Tweetbucks, you must have an account on three websites: Twitter, Paypal and You must have a payapl account as paypal is the only mode of payment they use to send payments to their members. You need Twitter to send tweets to your followers on Twitter. And of course you need a Tweetbucks account to shorten your url’s and to keep track of your earnings that you make with their services. Click on the following links if you already don’t have an account on any of these services: Paypal, Twitter, and Tweetbucks.
  2. Use Tweetbucks services: You will not be paying a single penny to use their services. So just go and use Tweetbucks website to shorten your links and include them in your tweets on Twitter. And when someone clicks your links, you will be paid for each click. You can use your Tweetbucks account to keep track of your earnings and even can track how many clicks you generated for a URL you twitted.
  3. Payment system: Tweetbucks gives us $5 as a gift (Sign up Bonus) when we first create our account with them. But we need to earn another $20 to get our first payment from them as their minimum payout is $25. And they send all payments monthly via Paypal only.

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