the social media world

In the social media world, you can’t even trust your real-life friends or respected advisers because THEIR accounts may have been hacked, as well.

Be extremely careful of the links you choose to click. Sadly, the links that you receive in direct mail on Twitter or private Facebook messages are probably the most dangerous ones of all. I never click on a single link that I receive in a Twitter direct message (which may be something to consider when constructing your own Twitter DMs – don’t add links; no one will click them. In fact, most people don’t like Twitter direct messages at all.)

There are also a lot of fake accounts out there in the social media world so don’t automatically follow everyone back. Be discriminating – it’s not about the numbers; it’s about the quality of your connections. You want friends, fans and followers that contribute to the growth of your business (crop), or that you can serve in some way. (I will say this about fake Twitter followers – they often have great quotes and I have been known to repeat them at times – but not as a retweet.)

7. Harvesting your Crop

Yes, this seems like a lot of work and it can be. But just like a garden, the work is more difficult in the beginning and the reward of fresh flowers, vegetables and the fruits of your labor is worth every bit of it.

The people that you meet, the relationships that you develop, the business coaching that you may find invaluable, the emotions that you share with others along this journey and the lifelong friendships that you may create as a result of cultivating a social media presence are certainly worth more than 3 months and 20 minutes a day.

These moments can be the flowers of your life.


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