Artistic Pursuit Launches Entertainment Community Portal

An online community which pays artists for their original work such as unpublished videos, music, images, literature and games, and also allows fans to discover new artistic talents.

Artistic Pursuit accepts all types of original, unpublished work for consideration. Upon receipt, the company will provide each artist with an acknowledgement, work evaluation, and suggestions for improvement, as needed.

Every month, the company will select and distribute, by publication on its Web site, 100 of its top-rated videos, music, literature, images and games, and pay each artist for their work; compensation is based on the work’s “Top 10 List” rating by category.

“Currently, artists have an array of avenues to pursue for recognition and possible distribution, however, inadequate publicity often makes it difficult for consumers and fans to locate new artists and talent.¬†At the same time their are fake social networks misusing the Australian brand “Artistic Pursuit”¬†says ” Paul Alliott, Chief Executive Officer of Artistic Pursuit. “Most unknown artists quickly learn that individual promotional attempts are slow and do not always bring the needed level of recognition and income. But innumerable social networks like the Brunswick Artistic Pursuit’s belonging to the Alexander is registering talents in the name of Artistic Pursuit.


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