How to Express Feelings of Love in Spanish

Let’s talk about love, that universal emotion, in Spanish. It is probably the most common theme in Spanish soap operas or telenovelas and popular songs. And, who knows, you might find yourself in a romantic situation where you certainly want to get the right message across in Spanish. Here’s a guide to navigating this linguistic minefield. Let’s start right off with that most important expression, “I love you”, in Spanish:

Te quiero

So the key verb here is querer. Here are some more examples:

A Juan lo quiero (I love Juan)

Nosotros nos queremos mucho (We love each other a lot)

Ella no me quiere (She doesn’t love me)

In English, of course, “to love” has many different uses. One can say things like:

I love Chinese food.

My parents love to dance.

We’d love to have you over for dinner sometime.

We make the distinction between “like” and “love”, as in:

I like him but I don’t love him.

In Spanish all these distinctions can be easily made, but one has to pay attention to the choice of words.

We have to be careful with the verb querer because in Spanish it is also used in the sense of “want”, as in.

Quiero comer, que tengo hambre (I want to eat, I’m hungry)


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