Improving My Biomechanical Function for Function

Do you want to know how I have reversed the decline in my biomechanical function and how at 60 I function like an active 40 year old (maybe younger looking at some 40 somethings) Function as defined by the Gray Institute for Applied functional Science” is who you are, what you need, what you want to do: play tennis, walking, active working, gardening and everything else you do in life. You need to know that the techniques of Applied Functional Science are the best way to develop biomechanical function for an athlete in their prime, or regain it, if you are a weekend warrior, or getting older, or suffer from foot problems, calf muscle strains, knee problems or any other recurring biomechanical dysfunction. It has worked for me, transforming my biomechanical function.

To understand biomechanical dysfunction you first need to understand good biomechanical function: the way your body was designed to work, the neuromuscular-skeletal system operating in a chain reaction, in all three planes of motion working with gravity, ground reaction, mass and momentum. Applied Functional Science is based on proven and observable principles, tested and evaluated strategies with the resulting techniques individually geared to building on success.


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