Practicing Perfection

As the world watched the Olympic athletes strive for perfect scores, we celebrated the presentation of perfection.

Perfection! I cannot go through a week of coaching without some talk of perfectionism and the striving for bigger, better, more.

“When I finally get this straightened out, then I will be ok.”

“If I could only get there, then life will be good.”

“If I could just be that, then I would be lovable.”

It breaks my heart every time because it is such a lie and it is such a habit we have as human beings to always be thinking that we should be something other than what we are.

This particularly hit home last week when someone very dear to me shared that she could not see someone loving her because they (possible suitors) have every right to expect perfection and she was less than perfect. You see, she has some bumps on her back from some moles that got removed and in her world, this put her into the “less than perfect” category.

Can you relate? Maybe you don’t have bumps but…

Maybe you have a few extra pounds.
Maybe you don’t make as much as so and so.
Perhaps you have something in your past that in your mind makes you unworthy of good things or happiness or great love.

I was quick to share with her that in the world of perfect, Coach Joelle missed it on a lot of levels. Never mind that I had an entire finger cut off when I was 10, if you ever talk to Meave Drapak and what I did to her closet after a particularly rowdy party in high school, she will certainly agree with the statement “Joelle is not perfect!”

Article Source: as “the state or quality of being perfect.” It arises from Middle English (in the sense ‘completeness’): via Old French from Latin perfectio (n-), from perficere ‘to complete’.

The definition of perfect is “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be: absolute; complete.”

In order to express perfection don’t the athletes have to first see it, and imagine achieving it, knowing that it is possible?

As each athlete demonstrates a higher version of perfection it paves the way for the next one to realize an even higher vision of what it looks like, and then train and practice so that their body matches their new mental awareness of perfection.

As spiritual students, we train the exact same way. As the expression of the One Intelligence, we begin in perfection.

We begin with the awareness that the One Divine Intelligence cannot be expressed by anything other than perfection, that we are already absolute and complete. We can’t begin with an imperfect picture any more than an athlete can begin with an imperfect picture, and hope to end up in perfection.


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