Ultrasound Technician VS X-Ray Technician

Choosing a career in medical imaging is an important decision that requires careful thought and comparison of the various options. Anyone trying to decide between becoming an Ultrasound Technician or an X-Ray Technician will find the two healthcare specialties have similarities and differences in educational requirements and day-to-day job responsibilities. Understanding those differences can make it easier to choose between the two careers.

Day-To-Day Responsibilities of Ultrasound Technicians

Ultrasound Technicians, also called Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or just sonographers, operate special medical equipment that directs sound waves into the human body. The purpose is to obtain images that can be used to identify soft tissue, organ, or blood flow problems, and to assess and diagnose medical related medical conditions. However, the daily job responsibilities include much more than just operating the ultrasound equipment. The trained professionals also:


  1. Greets patients and explain procedures
  2. Completes appropriate patient records, either manually or using computerized patient electronic health records
  3. Directs patients to the ultrasound table and positions each person as needed to get the best imaging results
  4. Operates the ultrasound equipment, including making appropriate adjustments during the exam
  5. Produces and records images through proper use of equipment
  6. Decides which images should be kept and which should be discarded
  7. Determines the scope of the imaging session based on findings
  8. Reports findings to and consults with physicians
  9. Maintains patient records that include patient history and information, sonographs, imaging interpretations, and medical reports from other medical procedures


Routine Services Provided by X-Ray Technicians

Technicians responsible for take x-rays are also called Radiologic Technicians. They are responsible for producing x-ray films of portions of the human body using radiological equipment. Though the duties are similar to the Ultrasound Technician in terms of adjusting and using equipment, the technician taking x-rays does not normally have to spend as much time with patients. Following are the basic responsibilities of the Radiologic Technician:


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