Costs of Famous UK Logo Designs

Logos are considered to be an important aspect of the branding process. They assist in making a memorable business identity. This is the reason why companies are now paying heavily in creating a business identity. More and more funds are now being invested on the design of corporate logos. But the amount is mostly substantiated by the uniqueness of ideas and the weight of the work done by designers.

Not every prominent brand was created for exorbitant prices. I believe most of us are aware of the fact that a famous logo, Nike Swoosh, was made for a miserly $35 cost, but the same logo is now the rationale for one of the most eminent brands in the world. We can also find a number of cases in the UK market as well. Even though the cost of famous logos are not usually disclosed to the common man, I tried to find out what famous logos cost these days in UK market.

Following are the costs incurred on making famous UK logo designs that I managed to find.

1. Liverpool City:

The was created by the company Finch Design Agency. It was made in 2009. The price of this logo was £70,000.

2. BBC3:

In 2008, BBC made a decision to revamp its BBC3 logo. They asked Lambie-Nairn Agency to do this work, who made this identity for £400,000.

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