Famous For All the Right Reasons – Restaurants in Hyderabad

The legendary Famous on Nizamshahi Road in Mozzamjahi market still retains its good old-fashioned appeal at immensely pocket-friendly prices. A visit to Hyderabad is rightly said to be incomplete without seeing its iconic masthead Charminar, or tasting its culinary hallmark Dum biryani. But if you haven’t followed this up with ice cream at Famous, you have definitely missed out on the coup de grace.

The Famous outlet is over 50 years old and has therefore become a landmark in the metro. So locating this place should be a child’s task. Even as you try to park your vehicle, the ushers at the outlet descend on you to guide you to the tables or serve you in your vehicle. Well, the set-up is a far cry from the air-conditioned ice cream parlors dedicated to frozen desserts in the metro but many still consider the ice creams that Famous serves as better than the rest.

Its specialty – the pot or the handmade – is an -enthusiast’s delight. Famous has machine-made flavors in its menu as well, but the handmade ice cream made of seasonal fruits, continue to be its trademark. So you can gorge on flavors like sapota (sapodilla plum), mango, kharbooza (musk melon), litchi and sitaphal (custard apple), all in the form of deliciously rich ice creams.

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