Growing Up With Famous Parents

Being famous and successful sure have a lot of benefits. It allows the person some incredible experience that would, otherwise, be unknown and unachievable if it wasn’t for me popularity. Money and the fact that you feel important are perhaps the top two things that make it attractive.

Just as the privileges are big, so are the burdens.

Living your life is hard enough with the daily mundane struggles that you face imagine doing it with thousands and thousands of camera lens on you. Perhaps, one person who had it the hardest was Chelsea Clinton. She was a teenager when the famous Lewinsky scandal broke out. It wasn’t enough that she went into puberty in the White House with countless of bodyguards around her, she had the endure the world knowing her father was unfaithful and her mother a martyr.

People pitied her. Something not everyone welcomes. At a time like that, it is natural for people to look for friends who chooses to be with them because they want to and not because she is someone’s daughter.

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