Uncovered Secrets on How to Become a Famous Singer

Build a strong local fanbase

Word of mouth works better when you’re promoting yourself locally. People love to talk about what’s happening in their town: what’s the best show in town? Who is popular? So try find a bar or any other public place which will allow to show your talent. Try also to go to local radios to see if they’re interested in interviewing local talents.

An example of some famous artist who managed to get known through local radio is Ludacris. He started as a DJ on a Atlanta radio. With that job he met a lot of insiders who told him about the music industry secrets. It was a lot easier for him to record a popular CD with all his connections.

You can also try to work for a local music festival. Music festival organizers are always working for volunteers. If you manage to find a job there you will meet a lot of people who are involved in the music industry. Stay in contact with them and you’ll have a lot of friends ready to help you succeed as a famous singer.

Also a lot of sport teams are always looking for talented singer to sing the national anthem. Go to the auditions they organised. If you’re chosen make sure to make record your performance to be able to share it on YouTube later.

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