Baking for Today by Betty Crocker Review

Baking has become one of my favorite hobbies because of the delicious baked goods that I can make. Even before I got started baking, I have already been experimenting with the oven toaster by making a small batch of cookies. When I bought an oven, that’s when I had the chance to try out different recipes that I have dreamed of making.

When I first started baking, I also started buying cookbooks so that I can learn new recipes. A lot of recipe from cookbooks aren’t that easy to follow. They often use some cooking term that I’m not familiar with or I’m not familiar with the ingredients listed.

Luckily, Baking for Today by Betty Crocker is not like that. The recipes featured in this hardbound cookbook are very easy to follow using simple cooking terms. Ingredients were also easy to acquire and most of them are basic baking ingredients that you probably have at home. This is why it became my favorite baking cookbook.

The book is divided into 8 chapters and each of them has their own theme. You will find recipes for breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies and desserts.

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