Basic Things You Should Know About Drunk Driving In California

Penalties include severe consequences such as hefty fines, possible jail time, mandatory alcohol treatment programs, community service as well as suspension of the driver’s license.

The following are some points of general awareness about DUI laws in California:

1. Your DUI record may easily become public knowledge

It is essential to note that a DUI is bound to become public knowledge, in the sense that certain attorneys might obtain the legal address from the law circuit through the arresting officer, and decide to reach the offender at his/her home address. This makes news of the DUI public, at least to inquisitive neighbors or family members.

Also, since California is a free information state, it makes it possible for anyone inquiring about a person’s records to get access to pending cases.

2. It becomes mandatory to undertake DUI classes

Once a DUI is committed, it becomes mandatory for the offender to undertake DUI classes. No matter whether the case verdict was for lowered charges, considered a first time offense or if the offender’s blood alcohol content was well over a 0.2, undertaking DUI classes and paying a huge price for them becomes compulsory.

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