British Army Clothing – Fashion and Respect

The British Army has some of the most easily recognizable uniforms worldwide, so if you’re a fan of Army clothing and are looking for something interesting and fresh to spice up your attire, consider some of the more classic solutions that the Brits have to offer from their Army’s clothing styles. Though nowadays the British Army uses uniforms that are more or less in line with the rest of the world (for obvious reasons), historically they had probably the most character and personality among all types of uniforms commonly seen on the battlefield.

Traditionally, British soldiers used Red extensively in their clothing, and this was especially prominent among the higher ranks where the entire uniform was often colored red as a form of distinction. As time went by though, the Army realized that this was counter-productive to the safety of the soldiers, so they progressively moved to more standard types of uniforms to give their troops better camouflage and protection on the field.

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