British Qualification Course

British Qualification Program

Education always needs to be inherited more, when an education seeker aims to explore every dimension of the new world of knowledge. Simply, to get bigger, you have to eat bigger. In the same way, as much possible, you need to grab knowledge for making your presence in every field. Hence, here is an educational program that can act as a key to all your needs in educational context.

The British Qualification Program aligned to National Qualification Framework of UAE government and therefore approved by KHDA Dubai. It is a qualification program for two levels of education (I) Primary and Secondary Level (ii) University Level.

Primary and Secondary Level:

This program is an after-school program pioneered by Pearson Education UK. The British Qualification Program has been associated to National Qualification Framework of UAE government and consequently approved by KHDA Dubai. This program is an exclusive mixture of theoretical and practical studies.

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