How To Renew A British Passport In The US

Renewing a British passport from anywhere outside of the U.K itself can seem to be quite daunting. However, it does not have to be. By following these simple guidelines, you will soon realize that renewing your British passport from the U.S is not necessarily the most stressful task. We will deal with where to get the application form, photo standards, supporting documents as well as where and how to send your British passport renewal application forms.

Finding and Filling Out the British Passport Renewal Application:

You do not have to visit the British embassy or a British consulate within the U.S in order to get your hands on a British passport renewal application form. The application forms as well as guidance notes for filling out the forms are available online along with other general information. You can select the “smart application form” which allows you to fill in your information on the screen, print and sign; or the “blank application from” which you must first print, fill in and sign.

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