The Great British Cuppa is Now Tea and Honey

Tea is such an English thing and many of us now prefer adding nutritional honey to our tea which makes this a great healthy beverage.

Even though tea originated in China the British have a former King, Charles 11, who married a passionate tea drinker who in turn helped this popular beverage become very fashionable. She was called Catharine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess.

A bit of a trendsetter in her day she soon introduced her passion of drinking tea to the Royal court and visitors. This popularity quickly spread amongst the wealthy and the East India Tea Company, quick to spot an ever increasing market started to export their tea.

Coffee shops were becoming quite established at this time and introduced this new exciting drink to their menus. Little did they realize the benefits of drinking tea which include the many vital minerals, essential vitamins, zinc and cancer fighting properties it contains.

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