A Review of Article Marketing Guru, David M Wood

If you’re like me, you likely never heard of David Wood until now. I’d never heard of him either until I came across him teaching his article marketing methods on a webinar that was sponsored by the good folks at MLM Lead System Pro.

Like hundreds of others on the call, I was astonished at the enormous number of leads that David creates and the money he makes implementing these free article marketing strategies!

David Wood Is One Of The Kings Of Article Marketing!

David and his wife, Ashley, split their time between Fairbanks, Alaska and somewhere in the tropics (this year I believe they’re going to Costa Rica, last year it was Oahu, Hawaii) where they, in his words, “…sip drinks from a coconut on the beach” while waiting for the days to get longer and the weather to again get nicer before travelling back to their home in Fairbanks.

The Man Is Absolutely Amazing!

With no previous internet marketing experience, David Wood was able to go from a successful Network Marketer to becoming what Brian Fanale describes as an “Internet Marketing Rock Star” in only two-and-a-half brief months! (In another article I offer a review of the amazing Brian Fanale, another great MLM success story…look for it on my article blog page)

“Online Marketing Rock Stare in less than 3 months?” Look, anytime an online marketer is able to consistently generate the massive number of leads that David Wood does each day, like, somewhere between 40 and 60, and then sponsor eight new individuals into his primary MLM business in a single day, I think the words “Online Marketing Rock Star” would be appropriate, wouldn’t you?

Article Marketing Strategies Are FREE!

The word “FREE” usually gets most people’s interest! Did I mention that David’s marketing online is all done for FREE? Well, it is and that means it would be free for you too if you were to decide to employ the same online strategy that David and I both are using!

And did I tell you that in the same two-and-a-half nonth time-frame, David propelled himself to earning a SIX FIGURE income with his primary Network Marketing Company? And that in addition, he also earned in excess of $30K within two short weeks of the webinar he did with MLSP?

A couple things are valuable to note here and can be attributed to David’s incredible and continuing success!

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