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There are times, when you know you should be doing something that will help your Network Marketing / MLM business along, but you for whatever reason just don’t seem to get a grip at it.

Take article (blog, text for videos, etc.) writing. I’ve been muttering to myself for days now, that I should write a new article. And the only reason I didn’t do it straight away was; I didn’t have a subject to write about.

This is most likely a major problem for a lot of people out there. You want to do something, but you don’t really know how. Or you know you should be writing about something, and you can’t find the words to put on paper.

Most people would probably eventually just let this stop them. They would think, they’re not writers, or no video makers, or no network marketers, MLM business people after all and maybe go and look for a new job again. (Are you stoppable?)

And I know, and I think you know as well, that that is absolute nonsense! Each and every one of us, who has half a brain, can come up with original content, for articles, videos, blog, advertisements, etc. etc.

Often all it takes is sitting down and starting. So, let me give you a few simple steps, which will get you into a more creative mode.

1- Stop all things you’re doing to procrastinate.

2- Sit down at your computer and just start writing down the very first things that come to you.

3- Keep writing on a subject that popped up. Just keep adding more words. It doesn’t matter at this stage whether it all makes good sense or not. Use association, one word, one sentence can lead you to the next idea, which can just as well be the brilliant one that gets your article or video shooting to the tops of the most viewed lists. have now included in their rules that you have to have a minimum of 400 words, make sure you do indeed get at least that amount, or even better, aim for about 500. Other publishing platforms may have similar rules. The reason to why is simple; getting better articles. Do NOT make your articles too long though. People most likely won’t read them completely.

5- Once you have about 500 words written down and the basic idea is there, start editing. Maybe something you wrote in the end would fit better in the beginning. Maybe certain things make absolutely no sense in the structure of the article. Scrap it, and maybe keep it aside, for a next article.

6- Read the text over several times. Make sure it flows and that there is a clear line and structure to it all. If you’re happy, maybe give it to someone else to read and listen to their commentary.

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