Promote Articles You Or Someone In Your Company Has Written

With the new Google Universal Search coming up in the near future, social media is becoming a much needed and very important part of your website marketing program. There are a lot of avenues you could choose to pursue in the social media arena but the easiest and most effective maybe something that you already have – Articles.

The search engines have long like content, in fact the phrase ‘content is king’ has been around just about as long as the Internet but it has never been so true as we will see over the coming months when Google finally implements the long awaited Universal Search. From now on, results displayed in the natural listings of the engines will not only include web pages but articles, blogs, podcasts and much more. The upside to this is that most of you probably already have at least a few articles that you have written about your company, products, services, industry, etc. and those articles can be used to your advantage if marketed properly.

We call it Article Marketing and it is just what it sounds like, the marketing of important and informative information that you have written relating to your industry. Most of the time, we see these in the form of whitepapers, press releases or full on new articles. With a little effort and some time, we can have your articles optimized to utilize keywords important to your business and promoted across the web through several of the top article distribution centers.

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