South Park Has Surprise Writing Tips

Writing tips for topics that will attract your prospects can come from the strangest places! See how the cartoon show South Park triggered a few ideas. Remember, to build traffic to your website, content is king. Developing high-quality content is key for traffic-building strategies such as publishing articles, posting blog entries, and adding fresh content to your website to entice visitors (and search engines) to return again and again.

Even South Park provides writing tips!

During the week of our Christmas family reunion, my brothers tuned into the cartoon show South Park. I hate to admit it, but this disreputable show makes me laugh.

One episode, “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow,” spoofs the movie of a similar name. Isn’t that title wonderfully convoluted? The creators could’ve simply called this episode “Today,” but that wouldn’t have been as clever.

In this case, the fact that the title ISN’T clear is humorous-and instructive. The title “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow” is so convoluted, you have to unravel it to make sense of it. This approach works brilliantly for a witty, irreverent cartoon show. But I recommend CLARITY over a clever, convoluted approach for articles, blog postings, and website pages where your goal is to build traffic, build your list, and sell products and services.

Tips to be clear

For compelling writing, aim to express yourself as clearly as possible. Here are my top two tips:

1. Use you instead of one.

Poor: One should carefully consider the quality of TV shows one watches, especially if children are watching, too.

Better: Carefully consider the quality of TV shows you watch, especially if children are watching, too.

2. Use active, colorful verbs that precisely communicate your idea.

Poor: Many innovative comedies are a clever melding of old scripts with pop culture. (Here, the verb is are. A better verb, meld, is buried in the phrase “a melding of”)

Better: Many innovative comedies cleverly meld old scripts with pop culture.

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