A Physical And Spiritual Activity For Lag Baomer For Both Adults And Kids

I have really fond memories of Lag Baomer. And I think that is due to the fact that my school teachers and administration really took time to plan and think about what special activities they would hold on the day. There is nothing you HAVE to really do for Lag Baomer, so go with it and enjoy!

What do you want to do? A bonfire? Field trip? Start looking and thinking about activities and crafts you might want to make.

One really nice activity to do this month if you haven’t already, is to plant a garden. You can plant a small vegetable garden or flower garden. If you are not sure how to, read a little bit over the internet about it.

I went to a wonderful lecture given by Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Seigelman, founder of a school for women in Israel called Midreshot Bat Ayin. She connected the qualities of the Kabbalistic Sefiros (what we are counting now and hope to improve on during these weeks) and showed how we can rectify and balance each of the qualities of the sefiros through planting a garden.

(And by the way, I am in no shape or form a Kabbalist so if you are looking for more information, ask and I’ll point you there.)

Our goal during the Counting of the Omer is to balance all of the qualities of the sefiros. They are Chochman-wisdom, Binah- foresight, Chesed- Kindness, Gevurah- strength, Tiferes-Beauty, Netzach- Conquering/Endurance, Hod-Reflection and Empathy, Yesod-Foundation, Malchus- Kingdom.

Without going into too much detail, these qualities are all things we want to have a balance of. So, not too much Gevoruah/Strength, because then we will have lots of inflexible boundaries.

To balance all of the sefiros, plant a garden and in planting the garden, you will have applicated all of the qualities of the sefiros, says Rebbetzin Seigelbaum.

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