Should You Outsource Info Product Creation?

We’re always looking for shortcuts and one thing that often crosses people’s minds when they think about creating an info product is outsourcing the process.

Outsourcing means paying other people to do some or all of the work involved in the creation of your info product.

Which can be a scary thought until you think about it. After all, you probably don’t generate your own electricity, manufacture your mobile phone or clean all the streets you drive down. All that work is outsourced.

And you can do the same with some or all of your new info product.

At the moment, I personally don’t outsource much of my product creation but I will use other people to do things like create graphics if I think those will help sell my new product. I’ll also outsource things such as handling my autoresponder email follow-ups because specialist companies like Aweber have the upper hand in doing that kind of thing.

But for the main product creation, I’m personally happier if I am in control of the process.

You need to decide which – if any parts – of your info product creation you want to outsource.

The main components are:


  • Research
  • Writing/recording
  • Sales letters including graphics
  • Promotion including finding affiliates


If there is anything on that list that doesn’t fit well with you, it’s a good candidate for outsourcing.

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