Why Opt For Top Stub Checks?

Personal and business checking accounts come in many different plans and have just as many different features to choose from. When selecting checks to use with a bank account, it is important to select the style, design and format that works best for your needs. There are checks printed that depict scenes of animals, landscapes, patterns, or seascapes, just to name just a few. In addition, there are several check formats to choose from including top-tear, side-tear, and home desk checks. Top tear checks have been a more traditional choice but there are several reasons for choosing top stub checks instead. You can buy checks that can be ordered from the bank or on line from several different companies that sell checks by mail.

Top stub checks are preferred by some because they have a stub on top above the check itself and there is room for details such as payee information, the date the check was issued and the amount paid. They let you record transactions every time your write a check and make it easy to carry the balance over. The spiral bound register makes it available to refer to at any time. The register is always available for reference with your checkbook.

Many online companies offer free shipping for checks by mail and sometimes have more design options to choose from than when ordering from a bank. Online ordering is a convenient way to to ensure you never run out when you need them. Just like any other style check such as top tear and side tear checks, top stub checks also come with several design options to choose from. There are also vinyl and leather covers available to suit any preference and budget. Another option is to use software such as Quickbooks that allow you to fill in all information so that nothing, including information on the top stub is entered manually.

Top stub checks as well as any other format are available with the option to use a favorite photo as the design on all your checks. There is also the option to use more than one photo in a rotating series, making this a choice that might appeal to families. There are a variety of formats and design options for photo checks just as there are many companies to choose from when checks are needed. Although it is always a personal choice, these checks have unique features that make them the right choice for many.

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