Ezine Publishing – How Can I Build My Subscriber Base?

Question: How do those of you who have a monthly/weekly ezine or newsletter get subscribers? I am new to this and my subscription list is well below 100 subscribers. My goal is to have 500-1000 subscribers. Help!

Answer: You just have to keep promoting your newsletter at every turn. It takes some time to build a solid list, so don’t give up. Here are a few tips to help you build your subscriber base:


  • Include a link to your subscription page in your signature line. Writing a mini advertisement to go in your sig line is nice, but don’t forget the link.
  • Put a subscription box in a prominent place on every page of your website. Most marketing gurus will tell you the best place is in the top corner, because it is most visible.
  • Create a special subscription page on your website with compelling ad copy to make your visitors want to subscribe.
  • Write articles (or hire a ghostwriter) for marketing and promote your newsletter in the bio at the end of the article. Submit these to article directories, websites or comparable newsletters.

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