Our Quest To Beat The Pandemic: 6 Considerations

This nation has never, at least, in over a century, experienced, a health crisis, such as the one, we have witnessed, this past year! Although, the suffering, has impacted, nearly all parts of the world, our nation’s response, has, certainly, been anything – but – stellar! At this juncture, this nation, with approximately, 4.5% of the world’s population, has experienced, about 20% of the cases, and about 18% of the deaths. While, we needed, a quest, commitment, and well – considered, public health – based, plan, we witnessed, President Trump, initially, deny it, then, minimize the need to wear a mask and use social distancing, demand reopening (based on his perception of economics, instead of health risks), to the lack of quality planning, for distributing the potentially, life – saving, vaccine, historians, will, probably, look – back, at this period, and consider, one of America’s worst moments! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 considerations, needed, to evaluate, how we handled this quest, to beat, the pandemic.

1. Trump’s Dangerous/ Horrific Pandemic Response: From the initial notification, to our first cases, to the overall planning, and messaging, President Trump, failed this nation, and its citizens! Instead of offering leadership, and cooperation, for the greater good, he offered no real, national approach, leaving it up – to, individual states, but, without assisting them, in terms of financial assistance, etc. Earlier, pre – pandemic, he minimized, and significantly reduced, the quality, and attention of a qualified, group of experts, which, undoubtedly, harmed our overall response! Consistently, Trump seemed to put politics, and his perception, of financial/ economic concerns, ahead of the health of our citizens. Although, he proclaims, he handled this, in a great way, again, the facts, seem to disagree with him!

2. Science/ Public health: You can’t ignore, and/ or, deny, the science, and effectively, handle, a pandemic! We, hopefully, learned, from this, to let the experts, be an essential part, of handing, health issues, and challenges!

3. Vaccinations: Although, the journey, to creating an effective vaccination, seems to be, an excellent one, the delivery, distribution, and getting the shot, into arms, has not! Our ability to effectively, efficiently, transform, the development, to implementation, seems to be, handled, as inefficiently, as other aspects, of this administration’s approaches!

4. Set an example/ greater good/ social responsibility: Instead of, setting a positive example, and wearing a mask, to indicate, to his core supporters, it was needed, and emphasizing the greater good, instead of any political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, this President sent, at best, mixed – messages, often, seeming to minimize, and oppose, the need, for wearing a mask, and social spacing! Wouldn’t this have, probably, been more effective, if social responsibility, was emphasized, explained, and encouraged?

5. Government leadership: SImply, stated, there was, either none, or worse than that, in terms of inspiring, positive, meaningful, effective, leadership, from many of our public officials, especially, this President!

6. Into the future: We must learn, and address, how future. crises (actual, and potential ones) are handled, and approached! Even, after, the vaccinations are widely distributed, and leading – up – to – that, there must be more of a public commitment, to paring keen attention, to the common good, public health, and social responsibility! We can’t stop, wearing masks, or using common sense, too – early, and being impatient, rather than prudent!

As horrific, as this pandemic, it is even worse, unless/ until, we learn from it, and handle future crises, far better, than this one! Wake up, America, and consider, public health, as a top priority!


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