Fundamentals of Mobile Website Development

To date, mobile applications has been evidently on a vast utilization. That is why mobile website development has been one of the hippest tactic for businesses in their marketing effort today. With this, businesses can cope with latest market challenges through mobile presence.

A great way to cope with business trend now is having an easy to navigate websites that can lead visitors into customers. However, what is more challenging is the consumer’s prowess in controlling everything in the palm of their hands. That is, going mobile can be one way to survive a business.

Just like website management, mobile web development is an essential move to maintain and improve your company’s overall market presence.

Becoming more responsive can increase company’s efficiency and productivity. Thus, mobile web development includes every function of your website browsed in different mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. One way to manage this kind of development is relying on latest mobile trend and social needs.

Here are the vital factors that you need to work when you’re developing your mobile website:

1. Mobile Web Design

When it comes to developing your mobile web design, you must consider one important thing-speed matters.
Easy navigation should be included in terms of your mobile experience development. This includes clear brand messages, balanced direct links that works which leads into significant information like company descriptions, contact numbers, and most of all easy scrolling movements.

The color scheme should be simple yet attractive as what it was said ‘simplicity rules.’ Mobile websites will vary in different sizes; thus, use colors that please the eyes of your viewers and can support your product’s message.

Font sizes and typefaces should also be readable from different types of screens. You should also be consistent in choosing the right fonts that can make your readable to your readers.

2. Content Writing

Yes, even in mobile, content Is still the king. But creating relevant contents for your website becomes different when it comes to mobile website browsing. Because of the fact that mobile screens vary in sizes, the contents should be straight to the point but remains catchy. Mobile websites should include most important contents and features that your company has. Using keywords that can describe your post can be one way of informing your users. It is like generating different contents for desktop website and mobile website without losing any important information.

Make sure that contents used are easy to load and would not take the time of your users. Make contents that can be a great help for the user. Write for your customer, nothing more, and nothing less.

3. Online Marketing

Just like traditional marketing such as advertising, promotional photos, and videos, it is very essential for your mobile website to market your company. There are many ways to improve your marketing strategies online but what makes sense in the mobile arena is the responsive way of connecting to customers. That is why it is very important to make your online presence in different social media sites, which already has applications on their mobile phones.
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ can let you engage to wider scope of users especially when they are on the go and needs to browse the internet quickly. Make sure that you can connect with them by ranking in mobile searches and provide target market analysis before engaging to these types of social media. Remember: Different social media means different users, thus different marketing treatment for your mobile website.
Moreover, create more innovative and creative way of promoting your brand with the use of QR codes that can be scanned using mobile phones. Even incentives, promotions offers, and events can be one way of exposing your company to prospect customers who are looking for instant information while on the go.

4. Support and maintenance

Mobile website maintenance is as important as the mobile websites development. You should be ready for changes wherein some contents may be outdated, graphics must be reorganize, or pages must be revised. In addition, maintenance can get rid of link errors that probably affect the totality of your mobile website functions.

5. Usability and other practical issues

This is so obvious, your mobile website must work. How can a user wanted to use it if this wouldn’t work at all? Always make it sure that all buttons, links, designs, Navigation work. From the Downloading site down to their mobile phone, your mobile website must work.

Next, your mobile must be useful. How it can help a user? Is it worth downloading?
Some other practical issues are branding. From design to logo to color choice. Is it that inclined to what your mobile website says?

The price. Is it free or with charge. Do you think your app worth a penny?
remember that errors in your mobile website will mean a disaster to you.
Around these fundamentals are proper observations on how to keep their mobile website going.


1. Do testing. Make sure that your mobile website is Okay to go before launching.
2. Target market. Make sure that you market it with the right place, time and design the website in accordance to the demographic profile of your target.
3. Consider Offline. How will your mobile website work offline?
4. Design it in multi-platform.
5. Simplicity is still beauty. Don’t complicate users by over design.


It is very important for businesses to deal with online presence, but what if being online is not enough? Mobility has been a rising business tactic and also became one of the biggest challenges for business today. The only way to cope with it is to adapt to the technological and even demographic changes. Now is the time for your business to go mobile and add up a new way to enhance your customer’s mobile online experience. With this, fundamentals of Mobile website development must be keenly understood.

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