Tips for Finding the Perfect Mascot for Your Team or Company

Mascots can have a huge positive effect on your sports team, your fans or the employees at your company. Not only do these characters represent the values of your company or certain characteristics that your company represents, but they also add a layer of fun and personality to your sport, school or business.

Despite this, coming up with a great idea for a character and a mascot costume can be very difficult to do. We often see many great mascots around in the media or in advertising, but when it comes to thinking up our own original design this can be a great deal harder. For those struggling with this, here are some tips for finding the perfect mascot design.

The first thing to remember is that the best way to get the ideal design is to find a great mascot costume designer and supplier, as these experts will have plenty of ideas about picking the right character for your team, company or organization.

It can be very complicated to develop the perfect character, so they will guide you through the process, drawing on your own ideas, your goals, the image that you want to project and the history of your team or company. With the guidance of a few experts, it should not take you long at all to come up with the ideal concept for a great mascot costume.

However, one thing that your mascot designer will do is ask you if you have any ideas for your costume, and it can certainly help a great deal if you do. The first step to take here is to think about what kind of mascot will best help clients or fans to identify your team or business. Often, teams and companies choose something that specially represents them in some way.

An example of this would be using a dolphin or shark mascot for a seaside town football team, or using a particular animated product that your company sells. An oft-cited example here is the Michelin Man for Michelin, but there are plenty of other examples too.

It is also important to consider your different options, which can include not only products, but inanimate objects that have a different link to you, animals, plants or people. It can help to compile a list of all elements that could be associated with your team or business, and then under each of these sections write out possibilities for people, animals and objects that correspond.

Jotting down as many ideas as possible is helpful, because it will help your ideas flow far better. You will also en


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