Tribes Can Change the World

Who is your tribe? Have you found yours yet?

In general, we all tend to gravitate to people of like-mind whether for fun, business or relationships. For me personally, this has always been easy as I have a natural love of people and being an extrovert does help too. Finding out what makes people tick, where we have a synergy, as there is usually one if you look hard enough, is what I like to do as quickly as possible.

For some people this is particularly hard… especially if they are introverted and find meeting new people difficult. I do know many introverts who have worked at and studied how to develop these skills and have been very successful as ‘playing the game’ by creating a structure for their networking.

There are some simple rules to finding and creating your own tribe. It is all about being yourself – being AUTHENTIC and REAL. Do not think that you need to be anyone else other than who you already are. People will pick up on it if you are trying to be ‘something’ rather than just you.

When in a place with lots of people you do not know, look around for others who look as though they are feeling as uncomfortable as you do. Befriend them with a comment such as ‘you look as though you know no-one either’ OR ‘is this your first time here too?’. By doing this you will make someone else feel at ease as well as yourself and you will then be able to relax.

Do you want to create your own Tribe?

If you want to create your own Tribe, just set up something small like coffee with friends initially if you do not have skills in this area already. Do not get too many people to the first meeting. If it is only three to six people that you feel could benefit meeting or who already know each other, this is a good way to start. Or, you could suggest to three people that you get together and each one of you brings a friend. This way you will meet new like-minded people. Dependent on you as to how you go about creating this initially.

It is important you are aware of why you want to create your own Tribe. Decide who you would like to have around you. Know what your intention is for creating a tribe and discuss this with people you would like to be there with you. Give your Tribe a name and create some guidelines around what you would want and expect so that there are clear boundaries. This of course will be dependent on your personality style initially as these are the people you will attract in the beginning. Once you have created a small group you will find with others introducing others that the personality styles will vary and bring interest to your Tribe.


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